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  • Shmal Najd was the first company with the inception of ‘Ujraholding Co.’
  • It was the foundation of the group.
  • Today represents the  group in a more formidable status, in the field of transportation services.
  • The company had been built on the delivery of specific technologies and know how.  Owns a significant  market share and customer base to guarantee a stable future.
  • Gaining  its experience for  more than 20 years.
  • Focusing  on the transportation field :  Taxi ,  Limousines ,buses ,…etc.
  • Cooperating with the governmental  regulator  to develop the transportation services in KSA .
  • Developing  its services to include Electronic Security Surveillance & Communication systems , tracking , call dispatching , ….. etc.
  • Aggressively expanded its business portfolio in Automobile Industry : Sales , Operation company , After sales services
  • Have existing offices in Riyadh, Jeddah & Jizan  in KSA ., also in U.A.E., will be covering other cities  & countries of the GCC  states , Egypt &  Lebanon.
  Our Commitment  
  We are committed to delivering sustained growth through empowered people acting responsibly and building trust.  
  What It Means  
  Sustained Growth is fundamental to motivating and measuring our success. Our quest for sustained growth stimulates innovation, places a value on results, and helps us understand whether today's actions will contribute to our future. It is about the growth of people and company performance. It prioritizes both making a difference and getting things done.

Empowered People means we have the freedom to act and think in ways that we feel will get the job done, while adhering to processes that ensure proper governance and being mindful of company needs beyond our own.
Responsibility and Trust form the foundation for healthy growth. We hold ourselves both personally and corporately accountable for everything we do. We must earn the confidence others place in us as individuals and as a company. By acting as good stewards of the resources entrusted to us, we strengthen that trust by walking the talk and following through on our commitment to succeeding together.
  Guiding Principles  

We uphold our commitment with six guiding principles.
We must always strive to:

  1. Care for our customers, our consumers and the society we live in.
    We are driven by the intense, competitive spirit of the marketplace, but we direct this spirit toward solutions that benefit both our company and our constituents. Our success depends on a thorough understanding of our customers, consumers and communities. To foster this spirit of generosity, we go the extra mile to show we care.

  2. Sell only products we can be proud of.
    The true test of our standards is our own ability to consume and personally endorse the products we sell. Without reservation. Our confidence helps ensure the quality of our products, from the moment we purchase ingredients to the moment it reaches the consumer's hand.

  3. Speak with truth and candor.
    We tell the whole story, not just what's convenient to our individual goals. In addition to being clear, honest and accurate, we are responsible for ensuring our communications are understood.

  4. Balance short term and long term.
    In every decision, we weigh both short-term and long-term risks and benefits. Maintaining this balance helps sustain our growth and ensures our ideas and solutions are relevant both now and in the future.

  5. Win with diversity and inclusion.
    We embrace people with diverse backgrounds, traits and ways of thinking. Our diversity brings new perspectives into the workplace and encourages innovation, as well as the ability to identify new market opportunities.

  6. Respect others and succeed together.
    Our mutual success depends on mutual respect, inside and outside the company. It requires people who are capable of working together as part of a team or informal collaboration. While our company is built on individual excellence, we also recognize the importance and value of teamwork in turning our goals into accomplishments.


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  • Phone: +966 1 262 3630/ 39
  • Fax: +966 1 262 3884
  • Mobile: +966 05 33332343

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